Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fear of lifts: 'My fear was ruling my life'

LOL. Not in my class.

Fear of lifts: 'My fear was ruling my life'

That's great, when people tell you what their fears are... A piece of piss, in fact. But most don't - most just offload their shit on others. And as for being hypnotized... Every communication is a form of hypnotism, you stupid cow.

Oh, and another thing: the author of that piece says somewhere that she became anxious at the mere thought of being in a confined space (the Tube, specificically, I think). As such, this business of going up and down in a real lift, was completely fucking superfluous. As for "tapping"... Fuck me - complete bollox. If one does it right, then the person forgets that they were ever afraid - they shouldn't have to remember to be not afraid.

The trouble is that people live with their fears for so long that they end up believing them to be real, and they believe the triggers for those fears are real, too - it never occurs to most people that any given act or word can have any number of different applications - good and bad. Fuck it: there's no profit for me in this.


BOB FIDDAMAN [Fiddy] said...

One word


Ana said...

I have an award for you:
I know that some people don't like this awards but even so this is a way I found to tell you that you inspire me.

Radagast said...

Bob: Too many different meanings. It's impossible to begin to speculate on alternatives, when one doesn't know which one is meant. And I'm not guessing any more, because when people become afraid, I get it in the neck. I don't need anybody to confirm what has happened, and what I'm capable of.

Ana: Thank you.