Sunday, 14 September 2008

Brilliant Blogger Award

Stephany, at Soulful Sepulcher, has very kindly awarded me a Brilliant Blogger (see right). It's a completely subjective thing: one nominates according to any criteria, just as long as the blog in question has attracted one's attention, in one way, or another.

It's a pyramid thing, too. And rather than pay it on to a bunch of mates, I went to the Blogger logon page, and clicked pretty randomly on a series of blogs, the names of which attracted me, as much as anything else. When I found one I liked, for some reason, I gave it the Award. Seven in all, as is the way with these things.

Angry 365 Days a Year was the only exception to my system!


Seeing as I did a "proper job" on the Arte y Pico award, I thought I should retrospectively list the blogs that I awarded the Brilliant Blogger to, as well.

1. Angry 365 Days a Year - The self-styled Angry Aussie is a thing to behold, when he's in full flow! Some thoughtful pieces, and even when he's apparently "tearing a strip off," it's still well-structured. Given that he's a techie, I suppose his logical approach is not that surprising.

2. everyday gets a little bit harder - Carl Applequist, the author (I'm guessing from the url), is, I'm guessing, a kid in his mid to late teens. He's finding things tough, after a recent split from his gf. He did the right thing in setting his thoughts down, I reckon.

3. The Dog Park Book - Various authors; a blog about walking your dog. I dunno, it's a nice, feelgood thingy.

4. Going for a smoke - under construction!


Stephany said...
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Radagast said...

I'm not sure about BOTW, to be honest. Not that I'm short on subject matter; I just kinda like to do things when the mood strikes me, and I don't want to find myself scratching around for things to say about a book...

I'd rather have something to say, and then illustrate it with a novel, a song, whatever.