Sunday, 27 June 2010

Germany 4 - England 1

Shit. Complete and utter, clueless shit. Completely outclassed in every department...

I'd just like to remind everybody of Alan Hansen's prophetic words, when he declared of Manchester United that "you'll never win anything with kids," at some point during the 1995/96 domestic season, when David Beckham, Paul Scholes and the rest burst on the scene. Well, I hope the Germans win the tournament with their young side. If nothing else, England will look marginally less shit, by comparison.

I've been watching England for more than 30 years, now. And it still hurts when it turns out that we're nowhere near the required standard.



It would be great if I could defend what you have just said Matt.

I can't.

We were, as you say, shit.



susan said...

I am very sorry about it. I figured you and a few other people I know across the pond would be gutted.

I predict you will take it in 2016. If I am wrong I will get you a chocolate.

Radagast said...

Susan: No, I think I would have been gutted if I'd genuinely thought that we were capable of winning the Tournament (or at least capable of competing with the best teams) - in which case, abject failure would have left me shellshocked. Fortunately, the performances in the Group games disabused me of notions of superiority. I didn't expect England to get beaten that badly, though.

PS Much as I like chocolate, I'll take the win!

Bob: I think we have to acknowledge that bad decisions by linesmen, and other external factors, really didn't make any difference... If we were good enough, we'd have overcome "Lampard's goal that never was," not least because we wouldn't have already conceded two appallingly soft goals.


susan said...

Matt, Fiddy, do you think the US actually played good this year for the first time? Just curious.

Radagast said...

Susan: LOL. That's a difficult assessment to make, given England as a comparator... Put it this way: relative to the way that England played, the performance of the US team was stratospheric!

susan said...

Matt, I haven't read any commentary on sites like Sky or BBC, yet, but I thought they did pretty good to get so far this time. The goalie lives about 3 miles from me. I wish I was 15 years younger ;-)

Radagast said...

Susan: Well, apart from the Group game, against Algeria, the US conceded the lead in all four games that they took part in... Rearguard efforts are all very well, but sooner or later that approach is going to catch one out.

PS I think you'll find that Tim Howard's already spoken for!


Interesting fact:

The name 'Fiddaman' originates from Germany.

Win, win situation for me then :-)

I said to Matt on here some time ago that I thought we had a better squad of players 4 years ago. I still stick to that.

Radagast said...

Bob: Well, if I go back four or five generations, my Dad's side of the family can trace itself to the Highlands... So, I'm laughing my fucking arse off at you soft, sassenach bastards!