Friday, 25 June 2010

Teen-repellent buzzing devices ruled disciminatory

This is probably quite funny, in a kind of half-hearted, apologetic, unintentional way:

Teen-repellent buzzing devices ruled disciminatory

I just love the idea of local authorities and mall owners, etc, pursuing gangs of young people down the street with comically massive aerosol cans full of teen repellent. "Take that, you hoody-wearing, expensive mobile phone-carrying bastards - I'll teach you to gather in comparatively large numbers in a potentially threatening and unsupervised manner," the security companies' representatives would gloat. And rightly so - if teaching them anything was their objective, of course.

Well, it tickled me briefly, anyway...

Just notice that the Parliamentary Assembly didn't criticize the use of these devices... They "slammed" them, according to the piece. Has the Indy turned into a Red Top, when I wasn't looking? Whatever next? "Phew, Wot a Scorcha," the next time the mercury hits 25 degrees? How standards have fallen.

Disgruntled of Peterborough


Stephany said...

They play classical music outside of some stores here to 'run off' the teenagers. In the past where I live, the police profiled teen drivers. Pulled them over for no reason. Until a group of mothers complained via the media and it stopped.

Radagast said...

Stephany: Funny, isn't it? Apparently, the "box" that's been assigned to people of that age is the one where they stay hidden from sight, only emerging when they contribute to society in the prescribed manner (although we're never told what that is).

I don't know: just further evidence of an appalling lack of communication skills on the part of the self-proclaimed most intelligent beings on the planet!