Monday, 22 February 2010

No 10 staff 'phoned anti-bullying helpline'

I've been thinking about this:

No 10 staff 'phoned anti-bullying helpline'

and I've decided that I don't really give a shit. Brown's behaviour, as alleged, is nothing. Has he created a culture, in which bullying and cover-up is the accepted means of controlling staff? We're not told that. Does he encourage others, through antilocution, to ostracize certain individuals? Does he target particular individuals, and ridicule and humiliate them, both behind their backs and to their face, such that any respect and authority that they require to carry out their duties is completely stripped away? Does he withhold information from subordinates, and encourage others to withhold information, such that those targeted subordinates are unable to carry out their functions? Does he exclude certain people from meetings, where subject matter is being discussed with which those people are closely concerned? In short, does he convey to said targeted individuals that they are not wanted, without ever having the grounds or the balls to say so? We're not told any of that, either.

If he doesn't do any of these things, then he's just a bloke in a stressful job, who should learn to say "sorry" occasionally (assuming that the allegations are true, obviously). If he has done these things, then he's a cunt who's abused his position and he should quietly fuck off and get himself some therapy.


Radagast said...

J.Lewis: Huh-huh-huh... Gee, I wish I had taken the time to hone my quickfire repartee in the way that you have done. Now, fuck off - you've already succeeded in boring me.

Radagast said...

(Death): I'm delighted to make your acquaintance - I strongly suspect that you will have more to say for yourself than most. That said, I don't believe that you have anything interesting to say to me and, given that, I don't have anything of any interest to say to you, either. That appears to be the level of agreement that we have reached, however modest.

"That game"? It is, I suspect, only you who is playing games, and if you're not willing to disclose the rules, then logic tells me that I should not take part.

Goodbye, Mr (Death), and try not to let the door hit your arse, on the way out.

Radagast said...

(Death): As an afterthought, I would say that it is my perception that you have misunderstood the way that the world works... I'm referring to this business where you issue orders and others comply - presumably, when a person refuses to follow one of your orders, you become aggressive and start issuing threats and punishments? We shall see.

No, one never discovers the true nature of things, when one manipulates the situation artificially, like that. One only ever creates a bigger version of the world that is inside your head (I'm assuming that you're aware that the world doesn't happen "out there"?), which, if I'm correct, tells me a great deal about the mindset of the people who run the human world.

In truth, one perceives the world between one's ears, and that's where mine is staying. You will learn nothing from me, except what you look like, from my perspective.

Radagast said...

Anonymous, etc: I'm not even making a dent, am I? Shut up. Fuck off. You bore me.

Radagast said...

Anonymous, etc: BTW, do you know what's making this so much fun? That's right: your anonymity is allowing you to dispense with any kind of social etiquette; no more passive aggression, it's just gloves-off-spite-and-pettiness. Come on... you can do better than that - this isn't a challenge, at all.

Your turn.

Radagast said...

Anonymous, etc: Lookie, lookie... All those tigers, and you're... nowhere. You've disappeared. You don't exist, anymore. Byeeeeeee!

Radagast said...

Anonymous, etc: Lookie, lookie! Another tiger. And you're... still fucking nowhere! It's a tedious, little power that I have on this blog, but I can make you disappear, at will. Come on! I know you want to say something else - keep it coming, this is good for you: all those times you've been sleighted, and not been able to answer back... All those times you've had to suppress the urge to say "fuck you," and become violent, which is the way you symians usually deal with things.

Come on! There must be something amongst that that you can pick up and run with. Go on, match me... You can't bring yourself to face the possibility that an odious little creep like me can actually be infinitely more intelligent than you, can you? You, with all your sophistication [sic] and refined manners [even sicer]. Go on, vomit all that stuff up that you've been holding in, all these years... All that stuff that you pretend that you've got over... All that stuff that you can't bring yourself to admit, because it brings on that sense of intense pain and humiliation. You know it makes sense.

But don't project yourself onto me, because I'll just bounce the whole lot back at you, and laugh my fucking head off, while I'm doing it.

Now, fuck off.

S.Bennett said...
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Radagast said...

S.Bennett: You've got absolutely no idea, I think. How terrible for you that you need to be in control of others. How terrible for you that you think that you're controlling me - I'm reacting to you, that's all, and I'm choosing to react to you because it saddens me to see someone in your position, and also because merely ignoring you, as most would do, would just raise an issue of displacement (you would go looking for somebody else to try to control, most likely, somebody less able to deal with you than I). The reason that you cannot see this, is because you operate divided loyalties, and lack the honesty to acknowledge what is real, hard fact and what is supposition and generalization, in your own mind, I think. I don't, and that marks the difference between us. If you need to complain about rages, then go to the person responsible for installing that trigger. If they're no longer available or refuse to discuss it, then that represents a real problem for you, not me. So, go and project your shit onto somebody else, because your allegations mean nothing to me. You have no communication skills that I can discern.

It was you who came to me, remember? If you can identify the thing that you need help with, then say on. Otherwise, fuck off, simian, because you bore me. And, yes, I'm laughing my fucking arse off, too.

Radagast said...

Anonymous, etc: What, simians?.. Nothing to add? Surely I can goad you into some further comment that I can analyse pointlessly? Perhaps even by bothering to comment on this thread again, you will be able to claim victory? And you seem to be able to claim victory in the smallest measures, after all?

Or, perhaps, in the absence of anything further from the simians, I can claim victory?.. After all, it seems that if you're not able to threaten and punish your opponents, you have no weapons... In a straight battle of intellects, you fail, and very quickly. You lose, therefore. QED, I win - I can talk for longer because I have a bigger "loop" to complete (that's a metaphor, by the way).

Go on, you know how you hate to lose... Quickly claim victory, simians. Perhaps you can claim that you knew that I was going to call you simians four times on this comment, and that you made me do that, through your prodigious controlling powers (LMFAO)? Yes, that would work, and I wouldn't be able to prove any different, because I can't (for which read "I refuse to"), see inside your fetid minds.

Fuck off, and stay fucked off - never come back here, or I'll finish the job.