Monday, 1 March 2010

Genius: there's no other word for it - Part XXXXXI

Taken from The Verve's wonderful 1997 offering, Urban Hymns:

Ashcroft, of course, is quite famously depressive... It may be an urban legend, but I'd heard this song is about antidepressants, rather than being a lament against the use of Class A narcotics.

Urban Hymns is well worth taking another song from:


Radagast said...

Goodbye: One last thing, before you leave: if you collaborate with others, when making your response, then you'll run out of ideas much the sooner, because you don't actually agree on anything - you do know that, don't you?

Stephany said...

One of my favorites is "Bittersweet Symphony", love the lyrics and the music.

Radagast said...

Yes, although ITV has started using it as the intro' to its coverage of the England games ((proper!) football), which has taken the edge off it. Which reminds me, I can't remember whether it was ITV of the Beeb that started using the Lightning Seeds "Life of Riley" in the same way, but that took the edge off a good song, for me.


Stephany said...

That's true, when they use song snippets for advertising it does ruin the song, we get tired of it that way!

Radagast said...

Hmmm. I suppose that when one hears a song, in isolation, one is at liberty to make any associations that one feels inclined to make, and the composer may also have captured something in words and music that one had been unable to express oneself. As soon as somebody else comes along and attaches a completely different association to the song, something is lost. Anyway, I think there's a serious disconnect between Bittersweet Symphony and football, even if it's only the orchestral introduction that's being used!

England won last night's game 3-1, by the way.