Saturday, 20 February 2010

Secret services face fresh claim of complicity in torture

I think it's necessary to set the objectives, seeing as nobody else is in control of this... Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. How embarassing:

Secret services face fresh claim of complicity in torture

"After a few days of sleep deprivation, they took me to the interrogation room ... one of them, a British MI5 agent, was standing and they started talking to me in different languages and shouting ... I felt someone grab my head and start beating my head into the wall – so hard that my head was bouncing. And they were shouting that they would kill me. After this, they left the room and told me to think and tell them the truth or I would die. They left me alone with a gun on the table. I did not know what to make of this. Do they want me to kill myself, or do they want me to touch it so they can shoot me and say that I tried to shoot them? I was just sitting looking scared."

Let's assume, just for the sake of argument, that this allegation is true (and, let's face it, it includes the kind of detail that encourages belief in its veracity). In which case, I would say that it requires absolutely no skill whatsoever to do this kind of thing. And doesn't it make one wonder about the mental state of the torturers? It does me.


Ana said...

(sarcasm in)
Maybe he is lying or there is not enough "evidence" that he has been tortured.
(/sarcasm off)

Radagast said...

That's the shame of it, isn't it? Unless there is paperwork lying around the files of MI5, which names this guy in the context of a torture session, then it becomes a matter of "his word against ours," which isn't enough in a court of law, obviously. The CIA are unlikely to be of assistance, equally obviously.