Sunday, 23 August 2009

FBI Boss Attacks Megrahi Release

I don't think it's really necessary for me to go into the whys and wherefores of al-Megrahi's guilt or innocence. He was convicted, therefore he was guilty, as far as the Law is concerned. However, I'm interested to consider the fallout of the Scots' decision to release him, officially on compassionate grounds.

Now, take Mr Mueller, for instance:

FBI Boss Attacks Megrahi Release

I was listening to this individual hold forth on BBC radio, earlier today. Apparently, the Scots should have consulted the American administration before making the decision, because more Americans were killed at Lockerbie than British people. Fuck off, Mr Mueller, and keep your zealous nose out of other people's legal systems. OK? Because it happens that in some people's worlds, compassion is a factor. The Law decides how much retribution is just, and not you personally, you snivelling fuck.

Now, when it comes to releasing people on compassionate grounds, I have one word for you: "Pinochet". Would you have liked that we extradited the psycho to Spain, when we had the chance? Would you have liked that he stand trial? I'll bet the CIA wouldn't have, given its involvement in the 1973 coup, and all that followed. Imagine it being publicly discussed how the spooks trained the Dina's torturers? I think you follow my drift - you can't have it both ways...

And as for the discussion of economic reprisals - British goods and services being boycotted, because you didn't get your vicious monkey-like way... Well, just grow up. How much punishment is enough, Mr Mueller - until you're satisfied? That ain't never going to happen. And remember this: Pinochet didn't even serve ten years.

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