Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Only two weeks' training for CIA interrogators

I told you these fuckers were as thick as pigshit, didn't I?

Only two weeks' training for CIA interrogators

You see, stupid as they are, they've made one gigantic error in their calculations - they believe that people are motivated, at their most base level, by fear. So they go looking for stuff to make people afraid. This is what your average bully does, only with greater skill, I would argue - look for a person's trigger, and you can coerce them into doing just about anything, under threat of doing the thing that they're afraid of. This theory falls down when one meets a person who is afraid of nothing, or who appears to be afraid of everything, which is pretty much the same thing, because their testimony becomes completely unreliable, either way. At this point, the interrogator is in grave danger of having their mind rearranged.

This is not a game to be played by amateurs, which Langley's finest most certainly are. Stupid fucking amateurs, at that. Nevertheless, they are vicious, little monkeys. I wonder if they've moved on from genital elecrocution?


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