Thursday, 6 November 2008

My New Aquarium - Part V

It's a bit grainy, probably because the light isn't strong enough and needs a reflector, but I think I'm pretty much happy with this. I ended up just switching the filter across from my little 8g, which is already cycled, before moving the neons and the corys in with the White Clouds. I picked up the bopani root from a local garden centre for peanuts.

My 8g only has the snails keeping a couple of plants company, but it'll do as a QT tank.

I ought really to acknowledge the guys on Badman's fora (link on my sidebar), for all their invaluable advice and support. Being a complete rookie, I've managed to avoid a whole range of errors, and learnt at a rate that I simply wouldn't have done, without that assistance.


susan said...

boy, that is pretty.

Ana said...

This is beautiful!

Radagast said...

susan, ana: Thanks, guys.

susan said...

Matt, I so wish you had a fish cam, so we can see these beauties 24/7.

Radagast said...

susan: You'll have to have a whip round. Either that, or I'll have to make it pay-per-view!


Stan said...

Dear Matt:

Looks great; I guess it's time to start thinking about that 500 or 1000 gallon tank now, with great whites, a coral reef, and all those other nice predators {laughing}.
I mean why anyone would stop when they have a good thing going is beyond me. You could even get some scuba gear and put yourself on web cam cleaning the inside and fending off the Great White. Now that’s what I call entertainment {Smirk}.
Yours Truly,

Radagast said...

stan: Mortal combat as entertainment? Yes, I imagine I can run with that!

susan said...

Stan is sagacious.

Put up a pay pal icon on your site and start a fund for your webcam.

The cat wants to see free range sushi 24/7.

I think you are familiar with my cat.

"She who must be obeyed".

Stephany said...
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