Monday, 3 November 2008

My New Aquarium - Part IV

Let me tell you: these little bastards move fast! I decided to get a little shoal of White Clouds, to help with the cycling of my 20g. They're 1" long (max. adult size of 1.5"), and are constantly on the move - as demonstrated by the fact that three of those in the picture are blurred! I need something with a faster shutter speed!



Stan said...

Dear Matt:

Fixing that blur problem: Place tank next to street on curb, estimate speed of fish and correlate that to the speed of your car, place camera on car bumper securely applying strong duct tape with string running from shutter release to driver’s seat; drive buy fish tank at exactly the right speed and angle and you will get perfectly clear and sharp pictures. {Laughing}

An easier way is to replace the real fish with plastic ones for the photos and then replace real fish back in tank for your enjoyment.{Smirk} besides that everything looks great and appears to be coming along as planned.

Your bloggery friend,

Radagast said...

stan: LOL. That would certainly be a solution! I shall proceed to make the necessary calculations!


susan said...

Hey Matt,

Pretty red fish!

They are only moving fast to annoy you!

Radagast said...

susan: Well, I rather suspected that! Mind you, I think they're still keeping a lookout for some large predatory fish - I don't think they'll ever come to terms with the idea that there isn't one there.