Saturday, 25 September 2010

Is there a cure for Britain's most dangerous criminals?

Hmmm. Nice idea: shame about the execution:

Is there a cure for Britain's most dangerous criminals?

"They may be mentally ill or they may not be, but have very disorganised ways of thinking. They may not have lost touch with reality but they may have talked themselves into an alternative reality. Like the Royal Marsden [the hospital in London which provides specialist cancer care], we deliver highly specialised long-term care to very disabled people at Broadmoor."

Ms Adshead, you have no right to tell another person that there is an objective reality, which you subscribe to, and to which they should subscribe; and that their reality is aberrant and wrong - and the fact that most people would not murder their family does not make them right. I would point out that in your reality your patients are defective, and wrong. You will never learn anything, if you take that approach, because you must remember that in their reality, you are also defective, and wrong.

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