Thursday, 23 September 2010

From the desk of Salam Umaru

Goodness me! What a lot of wan..., er, bankers there are!

Mr Umaru contacted me from... Yep! Burkina Faso! Mr Umaru is an auditor at a bank, which tells me a great deal about Mr Umaru's view of how an auditor should conduct himself (in my experience, he's right).

As with the previous two Lagos Scam emails I've published details of, there's a sizeable amount of cash that's been sitting in Umaru's bank for some time, courtesy of the wholesale death of the beneficiary's family. Mind you, there was an added detail, this time: they died in a plane crash. Risky business, this foreign investment, isn't it?

What a load of fucking bollox. One would have to be truly the most corrupt person in the world to fall for this shite!

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