Saturday, 18 September 2010

Compliments of the day from Mr Garuba Lawal

A business news update from Burkina Faso. I have been contacted by Mr Garuba Lawal, who is a banker in Burkina Faso. Now, my contact with Burkina Faso is extremely limited, but I cannot help but wonder if there are anything other than bank workers in this impoverished country? And if there is nobody but bankers, then what does that tell us about poverty and the banking industry?

Anyway, back to Mr Lawal, who has USD25mm, which he wants to transfer to my account, he says. As with Mr Tampy (see posts, passim), the legal beneficiary of these funds was a foreign national, who died 13 years ago, with his next of kin. Obviously, I'm massively intelligent and can see these patterns, but for those who can't, I'd just like to point out that prudence requires that if one is a foreign national investing in Burkina Faso, then one should steel oneself to the possibility of dying with all of one's family, based on the limited sample of evidence available to me.

So, there you go... If one is a bit strapped for cash, just be aware that there is corruption aplenty in West Africa, and there's free money to be made.


Ana said...
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Radagast said...

Ana: Don't worry; I'm just messing around. I regularly get emails which follow the "Lagos Scam" pattern: promises of huge amounts of cash, provided one puts up a small "facilitation" fee. And when one pays the fee, all of sudden, there's another hitch, and one has to pay a bit more, and then a bit more, and so on.

It's complete bollox, but I'm bored and I'm writing as though the bullshit I've been sent is real. Story of my life!


Ana said...

Good way of dealing with it.
I have received e-mails from a a woman claiming that she was going to die and would give me the many.
I didn't reply and I received it many times.
I don't remember what was the country but I know it is in Africa.
I will search for that.
Maybe she stills send but I don't see my spam box.
Guess I wrote a post at justAna.

Radagast said...

Ana: Yes, one of the other favourites is the lottery win, in a lottery that one never entered! There are a couple of sites that are dedicated to this type of thing, and one is encouraged to enter into a correspondence with the scammer, just to take the piss - as long as one does not give personal and/or banking information, then one is "safe". Personally, I think that's more effort than I'm willing to go to.