Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wanted by the CIA: The man who keeps no secrets

Now, I found this quite interesting (which is to say that it distracted me for three minutes, and I regard that as noteworthy):

Wanted by the CIA: The man who keeps no secrets

Personally, I don't think Assange's answers are evasive - they're extraordinarily precise, in fact, given the lack of precision in the questions put. Also, Assange is defending a position (his right to publish classified material), and he's unlikely to invalidate that position.

But speak like a robot? No, hardly. Nobody speaks like a robot (not least because unless AI has been developed, the words that any robot speaks will be the words of its human programmers). And in any case, I don't think any robot would care enough about mankind's antics to bother commenting. It wouldn't even have a concept of caring.

However: secrecy (nobody talks about it much, do they? Arf, arf)... I don't like secrecy - it permits the creation of false realities (I suspect that secrecy is widely used for precisely this reason), when people have enough difficulty identifying what's going on when others are being transparent with the facts as they understand them.

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