Sunday, 18 July 2010

Dream academy: Secrets of the subconscious unlocked

LOL... Scroll to the bottom of this piece:

Dream academy: Secrets of the subconscious unlocked

...complete bollox! There are no objective meanings - a dream means precisely what the dreamer believes it to mean (until such time as they place a different interpretation on it).

For example: nudity - this means that one doesn't have any clothes on. The very idea that it's a metaphor for something else just doesn't wash, with me. And even if it was a metaphor, then the whole point of a metaphor is that it means what the individual decides it means - it certainly doesn't have a single, discernible meaning; even if that meaning is generic, in nature.

I mean, don't get me wrong: I love the idea that the unconscious mind (assuming that such a thing exists), untroubled by constant external input, puts together elaborate messages on the offchance that one might remember them consciously when one wakes up, before spending the rest of one's life deconstructing/decoding them! But if one's own unconscious mind had something valuable to say, then wouldn't it just say it - rather than engage in some tedious game of Chinese Whispers? Because it's mimicing society, at large? No, that's too fanciful, isn't it?


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