Saturday, 10 July 2010

Botox approved for the prevention of chronic migraine

This'll make you laugh. It did me, anyway:

Botox approved for the prevention of chronic migraine

I was listening to BBC Radio 4, and an item came on the news. I checked the date several times, and having satisfied myself that it wasn't 1 April, I thought I'd poke some fun!

Regrettably, it's not mentioned in the piece cited, above, but in the radio "news" piece, it was said that a trial was carried out based upon "anecdotal" reports by those using Botox for the purpose of losing all expression in their facial muscles also experiencing a reduction in migraines. Now, it was my understanding that the MHRA didn't give a shit about anecdotal evidence, but apparently on the back of these reports, a trial was arranged. And the drug was approved for this secondary purpose.

I look forward to the MHRA deciding that anecdotal evidence of withdrawal problems, suicidality, akathasia, etc, etc, is worth a trial. But, then, it's not the MHRA that carries out the trials, is it? It's (mostly), the companies. The distinction between this case and SSRI adverse events is that there is no money to be made from proving that SSRI are placebos with lots of side effects. Is there?

Is there a direct correlation between the desire to have an expressionless face, and suffering from migraines? Put another way, do people who wish to look like Commander Data suffer migraines at a greater rate of incidence than the wider population?