Thursday, 3 June 2010

Karate Island #4

I've missed the past couple of weeks, owing in part to injury and, last week, because the gearbox went on Dave (my car). One of the drums went, anyway. Not to worry - that's what warranties are for!

Anyway, I don't know if my fitness has improved markedly (unlikely), but I found last night's warm-up a bit easier than previously, and we had a good session. I did end up with a massive swelling on the back of my right hand, owing to either the reverse punches or the jabs I'd been throwing.

And I got the honourary black belt for my efforts! This is something that Sempai gives to somebody or other who's caught the eye, either for sheer bloody-minded effort (I think I'd fall into that category), or else they've performed a technique in especially proficient style. I have to give the belt back, next week, though.


Sairs said...

Cool about the black belt thing and a shame you have to hand it back! I wish they did stuff like that when I was training in taekowndo.

Radagast said...

Yeah, nice, isn't it? It'll probably be some time before I see another black belt, mind you, especially if I carry on injuring myself. I'm looking forward to my first grading (I like to have something to show for my effort, you know?).