Friday, 4 June 2010

Anti-fear drug 'could help wipe painful memories'

This is outrageous, it really is. Some pharmaceutical giant will no doubt make fabulous sums of money from this...

Anti-fear drug 'could help wipe painful memories'

It's tediously simple - we're talking 5-minute simple - to allow somebody to perceive a traumatic event differently, with their agreement, and the idea that some quack remedy is going to generate wealth on the back of others' trauma makes me want to vomit. No drug can be specific enough in its application to do this. It can't, because memories are too complex - and the suggestion that it can won't be enough to make it true.

And as for the idea that we give people anti-fear drugs while they're experiencing trauma... Well, that's not open to abuse, is it?.. Reminds me of the storyline to Jacob's Ladder.

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