Thursday, 20 May 2010

Karate Island #3

I really enjoyed last night's session... It involved me driving to the dojo, paying mine and Lovely's subs and insurance, and then sitting on the sidelines while everybody else sweated their bollox off!

My ribs are still hurting, and my movement's restricted, as a consequence. That's my excuse, anyway.


Sairs said...

I had to sit out some of the sessions too when I was training at taekwondo. They used to run around in a circle in this huge hall and I would have an asthma attack from the running. I think it was because I was so unfit really to be completely honest. It was embarrassing though as it happened every week. I would try really hard and I just couldn't do it. I would stand at the back and cough, while everyone else ran . I hope you feel better soon.

Radagast said...

I don't get the asthma thing (odd, seeing as I'm asthmatic), but I'm so unfit that about halfway through the warmup, I start seeing stars! [shrug] I gave up trying to impress people, a long time ago, so it doesn't bother me.