Sunday, 16 May 2010

Gary McKinnon: 'They can't return me to a place I wasn't in'

[Derisive snort] The US authorities are too fucking stupid to get anything out of this guy:

Gary McKinnon: 'They can't return me to a place I wasn't in'

He's already out-thought them once - do they think that that was a fluke?

Of course they don't, but they're going to ignore the fact of their inconsistent approach to this type of "offence" and drive on towards their desired goal, even though that goal is a house built on sand. What is their motivation? Well, frankly, who cares - it'll be something tedious? Most likely, a desire to seek retribution in return for the humiliation of being successfully hacked by somebody that most would consider mentally aberrant, and who had the audacity to leave a message warning them of their vulnerability. Fucking halfwits - you have no authority; it was the first thing you abandoned.


susan said...

Thanks for telling me about him. Will write an email too.

Radagast said...

I find the whole thing embarassing, to be honest. Jeez, Blah's performance was supine in his dealing with the US, and I can't see Dodgy Dave and his puppet being any better.