Thursday, 11 March 2010

'24', a diplomatic row and a spy chief's lecture on torture

'24', a diplomatic row and a spy chief's lecture on torture

And who is this fucking monkey:

"A senior Pentagon official said there was "a degree of understanding" in the cases of Binyam Mohamed and Mr Megrahi, because the hands of the British authorities had been forced by the courts."?

Go and argue with the Law, you cunt. There is no finessing, here: you have imagined yourself to be above the Law, and you have broken it. That means that nothing is reliable - not even the highest standard of societal rule, the Law, needs to be recognized by you simians, does it? Anything that gets in your way just gets conveniently ignored and covered up, and never rectified. And the idea that you withhold information because somebody might have the temerity to follow the Law... Well, fuck you, halfwit. There's even a fucking assumption in that quotation that the "British authorities" would be given details of torture, absent the possibility of the courts' intervention. Am I inferring, here, or is it implicit that the "British authorities" are equally unconcerned about their obligations, under international law?

You're worthless, and you've made yourselves redundant, because your claim to authority means nothing.

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