Thursday, 4 February 2010

International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities

Motivated initially by the death of Traci Johnson, a healthy volunteer in a Cymbalta trial, at one of Eli's facilities, Ana has chosen the 6th anniversary of Traci's suicide by hanging to inaugurate a day in memory of all those who have suffered such extreme adverse reactions to this class of psychoactive drugs that they have taken life - either their own, or that of others. I'll leave Ana to explain the full rationale behind the Event:

February 7 - International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities

You can link to the Bloggers Unite Event page via the link, below, or by clicking on the ribbon in the sidebar, at the top of this page. You will need to join Bloggers Unite as part of the process of joining the Event (a 30 second operation, if my experience is anything to go by).

Bloggers Unite - International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities

I am aware that the standard line in such cases is to blame these reactions on the underlying condition of any given patient, but plenty of these cases have been acknowledged by official sources as being at least exacerbated by drugs - the Donald Schell case, for example, which involved Paxil (Seroxat). Be under no illusions: there is an issue, here, and it's regrettable that post-marketing reports of adverse reactions tend to be treated with the same kind of selective approach as those emerging during clinical trials.

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Ana said...

You did the right way to tell people how to join.
I think I didn't and I will try to make it more clear.
Thank you Matt!