Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Blair attacks his critics' tendency to 'conspiracy theories'

This made me chuckle:

Blair attacks his critics' tendency to 'conspiracy theories'

I was particularly tickled by this little gem:

"I think it's partly because we have this curious habit – I don't think it's confined to Britain actually – where people find it hard to come to the point where they say: 'We disagree – you're a reasonable person, I'm a reasonable person – but we disagree.' There's always got to be a scandal as to why you hold your view..."

Look, Blah: there is no scandal, and there is no conspiracy... You decided to go to war, because you believe that it is acceptable to engage in violence, preferably vicariously because you're too much of a coward to do your own violence. So did Shrub. And in this you are no better than Saddam Hussein.

Any conspiracy centres around how you chose to justify your vicarious violence... Didn't it boil down to Hussein not being a particularly nice guy, in the end (after the WMD failed to materialize, and so on)? You're a violent man, Blah, and you just can't admit it... There were other solutions, but your mind is too closed to perceive them - nasty, vicious little monkey that you are.

Go on, then, Blah... Tell me I'm a reasonable person.

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Ana said...

I left a comment here.
Hope you received.
Bush and Clinton are united to help Haiti.
This is so touching!
Take a look at my last post.
So many people wanting to help Haiti.
This is opportunism... oops! optimism and I'm very happy seeing both smiling at the video asking for our money.
I'm tired Matt!