Monday, 19 October 2009

Do you know what? I don't know what the fuck to make of this.

The "this" in the caption refers to, erm, this:

By popular demand

which features a spat between Philip Dawdy and some guy called John MacManaman. I could have a go at deconstructing this, but frankly I don't really care, anymore. I could mediate the dispute, the only problem being that neither party is very likely to acknowledge my authority as mediator, irrespective of my skills in that area.

I understand, now, better than ever before, why it is that I have no real interest in trying to talk to anybody... everybody's just defending their own, tiny corner of reality, a reality that they're infinitely familiar with. And a corner, it should be said, that works for them. Moreover, conflict is so natural, so normal that, it seems to me, people will manufacture it, because they feel uneasy without it - the world looks abnormal without conflict, if you understand me - and so they create conflict, in order to feel as though they understand what's going on.

As a person who grew up in an environment of constant conflict, I find this attitude utterly detestable. Be warned people: I'm a neutral party - attack me in any way (ie, actively or passively), and I'll fuck you up. And don't test me: you'll take my words at face value, if you've any sense left.


Marian said...

(I'm truly not a saint myself, but) This is just sooo true. I only like to think that it's civilisation that has f**ked us up to this extent, and that it's not natural. But maybe that's just wishful thinking.

Radagast said...

Well, I don't see how it's "natural," because I have no inclination in that direction - if it were natural, it would be true of everybody. People have learned to do what they do, it's as simple as that. Moreover, people will justify the most appalling "natural" behaviour, on the ground that something needed to be achieved... Well, that's just lazy. And lacks honesty.