Monday, 21 September 2009

World's dementia to double every 20 years

Looks like I found something more interesting to think about quicker than I had anticipated...

DSM defines dementia as an "overall decline in intellectual function".

World's dementia to double every 20 years

Well, now... What's twice 100%?

Incidentally, my opinion is that everybody's brains are still working just fine. It's just that there are any number of legal and societal rules (ie, written, customary and some that are, seemingly, secret (until one breaches them)), which forbid free thought. The "forbidden" areas of thought become stunted.

In fact, there is very little thought that is encouraged, it seems to me. The upshot is that the less one permits a person to think for themselves, the less they will think for themselves, the more inclined they will be to adopt other "sanctioned" views, and so on.

You've got the system you deserve.

And, yes, I refuse to address myself to any more of your piddling, monkey problems. Quid pro quo, Claris - did you think I wouldn't reciprocate your selfishness, too? Did you really think I would go on giving as you took, without acknowledgement? Fuck you, monkey people.


Herrad said...

Hi Matt,
You are right not thinking is very much encouraged.
Celebrities are pushed down out throats and newespapers are full of stories about celebrities not news.
There is little real news and what there is has been processed for us.
I think that perhaps the pesticides and fertilizers that are used may be the causes for degenrative diseases.
Have a good week.

Radagast said...

Hey Herrad. I think the brain is malleable enough to cope with just about anything, including physical damage caused by alien chemicals. I've also spoken to enough people to know that there's plenty of mental activity going on in the minds of even those regarded as slow-witted. People may not have developed vocabularies that permit them to vocalize their ideas, but that doesn't diminish the quality of the ideas that they do have. I've also noticed that quite a lot of people don't have particularly "well-rounded," or "complete" ideas... Their thought process ends without their achieving a satisfactory resolution, if you understand me.

However, the vast majority are terrified to speak on subjects other than those that they believe to be "safe," I think - loads of triggers attached to people speaking their mind, and with good reason, if my experience is anything to go by. Most even deny what they've admitted to me.