Monday, 28 September 2009

By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain...

I had to chuckle... This guy's, frankly whacky, ideas will be hailed as visionary, for no better nor worse reason than that people may make money from them (I contest that no idea is pursued that cannot "turn a buck," which is why most people know very little about anything else). Because money may be made from them, they will be pursued and will probably become reality, as he has predicted.

By 2040 you will be able to upload your brain...

I won't argue with any of his predictions. Partly because I don't know anything about the current state of the technology, and partly because I couldn't give a flying fuck. However, if A.I is ever deemed to have outstripped human intelligence, I'd be pleased to have a chat with it... I could do with a decent conversation.

Do you think machines will ever learn to be duplicitous? If they do, the monkey people had better watch their arses. Actually, I've just realized that that's a dumb question... If we start uploading our brains to machines, then they will replicate our thought patterns, and, presto, they will understand the concept of lying. And they'll lie a fuck sight more convincingly than any human, too, I'd imagine.

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