Sunday, 15 February 2009

Additional A Hoy Award

Well, I'm a Founder... I can do what I like, can't I? I'm giving the award to:

Spike and Marleen's World, written by Herrad, solely on the basis of the comment left on "What is A Hoy?". And because I used to have a Jack Russel. Well, the family did, but I used to walk it!

Rules for Making an Award

1. Pick five blogs that you consider deserve this award based upon any criteria - for example, the quality of the commentary, wit, humour, artwork, overall design, value to you of the information being provided, and so on.

2. The awarding blogger should choose at least two blogs not on his or her own blogroll, the purpose being to encourage variety of reading matter, and to have the person making the award think about what they like to see and read.

3. Your five choices must be published in a dedicated post on your own blog. This post must contain the name of the author (which may be their logon name), and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone. This post should contain brief details of what attracted you to the blog. Details may also be posted in the comments section of "What is a Hoy?"

4. In the same dedicated post, each winner has to show the award and acknowledge the blog that has given him or her the award.

5. Both those awarding and receiving A Hoy must show the link to A Hoy blog, so that everyone will know the origin of this award.

6. When publishing details of the blogs to which you have made your awards, these Rules must be published for recipients to follow.


Ana said...

I loved the pictures.

herrad said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the award for Spike and Marleen.

Question how do I put items on the sidebar?

There is no assistance in layout.
Thanks for your help.

Radagast said...

Ana: Yeah, sweet aren't they? Our JR, a stray, was named "Barny" by my mother, but I thought that was a bloody stupid name, and I used to call it what it was: "Dog"! JRs are yappy little bastards, in my experience, but not this one - like he was at peace.

herrad: I'll do a walkthrough, and post blow-by-blow instructions, on Spike and Marleen.

Stephany said...

Love the blog, I've added it to my list I follow, thanks Matt!

Stephany said...

Hi Matt,

I've given you an award!

Radagast said...

Smelly Cunt (or whatever your name is): You had some interesting things to say about your relationship with your mother, but I believe you have assumed that I care, one way, or the other. I don't. Now fuck off.


Radagast said...

Whinger: When it comes to "winning," you set your standards very low, I think. However, if by replying I have allowed you to win, in your reality, then I am delighted to hand you victory, again. Now: fuck off - if your only objective was winning, then you've achieved it, by my testimony. I have something rather different in mind, and I wouldn't stick around to find out what it is, if I were you.


Radagast said...

Smelly Cunt: The implication from your last comment is that you're black? Of course, I have only your word for that, and it's irrelevant to me, in any case.

You seem to have misapprehended me: I have no interest in you, or in communicating with you, at all, least of all to convert you to Christianity, which (much like all the rest), is not a religion that I subscribe to, essentially because religion is the some of its human parts and little to do with God if He/She/It exists. Religion appears to have been subverted for other purposes, it seems, much like every other institution.

In any case, assuming that what you have told me is true, I have not raped any black (or other), women, as far as I know, and I'm mightily disinclined to be swept up in your generalization of how white people conduct themselves.

If you have any clear objective in mind, I would be prompt about stating it, if I were you, because otherwise I'm just going to plough on.