Friday, 21 November 2008

I've been tagged!

Bob's tagged me, so here are my eight random facts:

1. I played for Derby Boys (schoolboy football), when I was a kid, and I'm a FA-qualified coach.

2. I nearly terrified myself to death, doing a static line parachute jump. I forgot to let go of the wing strut!

3. I've flown a glider, and a Cessner (but only as introductory lessons).

4. I've smoked a spliff, whilst watching crocodiles being fed, in Sun City.

5. I missed out on a First by 1.5%, although it would have been a travesty if I had achieved the highest degree, seeing as the Law Library and me were almost complete strangers!

6. I scored 808 points on the WiiPlay shooting gallery game, the other day.

7. I named my daughter after my Dad, who was a vet, and my son after a childhood friend.

8. My all-time favourite song (which changes, from day-to-day), is currently Brown Eyed Girl, by Van Morrison. I'd have featured it as one of my Genius... posts, but YouTube doesn't seem to have it.


susan said...

Very interesting!!!!!

Fiddy said...

What position did you play Matt?

Surprised there is no video to Brown Eyed Girl... maybe Van the Man had them removed?


Radagast said...

Fidders: All across the back four, but I preferred either full-back position. Midfield anchor, too: I liked to man-mark players.

Stephany said...

Watching crocodiles ? LOL

My Dad named me, I was nameless for 3 days and he chose my name spelled with a "Y".

Stan said...

Dear Matt:

I want to know if you got down in the mud and wrestled with those crocks. A manly man would be down there showing the world no damned crock could beat them {Smirk}

And on another note; why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane, and then rely on a parachute for protection? Where is your faith in miracles and the bounce principle? {Laughing}

To Fiddy: I do have to apologize, but I have been a little preoccupied, and have not got to your tag as of yet! Though I do hate tags, I will try to respond since it's from you after all.

You're Bloggery Friend,

Radagast said...

Stan: LOL - I did show those crocodiles who was boss. I jumped up and down on the spot, and then challenged them to do the same (which might have been the ganja talking, of course). None of them did. Ergo: I win, they lose. The parachute jump was a mistake, I admit, which was why I was so keen to hold on to the plane, I think!


Fiddy said...

Played left wing myself but could switch to the right if needed. What pisses me is current commentators who say things like, "If it had been on his stronger foot the outcome could have been different"

I spent hours on end learning how to kick with both feet, me, a ball and a wall was all that was needed.


susan said...

Fiddy and Matt,

You are talking about YOUR football, the sport we yanks call soccer, right?

confused in NJ.
or having a dumb blonde moment

Fiddy said...

Football is a game played with the feet and a round ball Susan not an egg shaped ball, helmets, padding, time-outs and zones... though I do sometimes wonder that some of our players should wear better protection as they seem to collapse like a ton of bricks if so much breathed on.


susan said...

Ok, but why Fiddy, does Rugby have an egg shaped ball?

I like UK football. I went to a Leeds game and it was one of the best days of my life.