Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Tropical Fish Aquarium - Part XI

Feeding time at the zoo: there are some catfish pellets amongst the gravel, and the neons obviously weren't satisfied with the flake I gave them. I'm starting to realize the limitations of my camera, just now: the shutter speed isn't quick enough to catch them without a bit of blurring, on a close-up.


Stephany said...
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susan said...

I clicked on the picture for a close up and saw no blurring, just an incredibly awesome fish picture.

i like the striped fish very much.

I tell you, I've downloaded your pictures, and have one awesome screen saver!

Radagast said...

It's in the study, but not in my line of sight, when I'm at the desk. I can hear the filter bubbling away in the background, though!


Radagast said...

susan: the neon on the extreme left doesn't look as "sharp" as it might, I think. And the two pandas - the one in the middle of the three and the one on the right, because they're swishing their tails, in order to bury their mouths in the sand, are also a little blurred. No? Must just be me!