Saturday, 18 October 2008

Genius: there's no other word for it - Part XXXIII

I love this song...

And I love the fact that The Stranglers covered it so brilliantly (and if you think that maybe Hugh Cornwell isn't paying quite the attention to the mic that he ought, bear in mind that this is a clip from Top of the Pops, which is moderately famous for its crappy lip-synching!):


Stephany said...

i love your music vid choices, and yay for the book of the week back!! :)

PS--request: i think you should re-post 1000 kisses deep so everyone can appreciate that, and some damien rice vids too.:)

Stan said...

Dear Matt:

I had both songs playing over each other, which sounded really strange, but then so am I. I love those oldies but goodies. But I must admit Diana is still king on this one; the cover is good, but she is better. Nice choice of video's and to put them together like that was better.

Your Bloggery Friend:

Radagast said...

stephany: I think the Book of the Week is going to be an occasional thing. Believe it or not, it actually takes a while to think of a book, and more to the point, choose a passage to publish. Not that I'm lazy, or anything!

stan: LOL. I'll give that a whirl! I'm a fan of The Stranglers, which might flavour my opinion of this; I featured them earlier on in this series. I dunno, I think both versions have their merits, and my opinion of covers is usually pretty low - artists seem to try to stamp their own style on the thing, and it just ends up sounding wrong.


Radagast said...

I just played them together, Stan: you're right, it does sound weird! The Stranglers' version has a faster tempo, for a start, and a completely different instrumental composition, but I love the last minute, or so, with Dionne trying to sing to JJ Burnel's bass and Cornwell's guitar!


Stephany said...

I appreciate the time and effort you take for the B of the week, because I have not been reading enough. Thanks!