Monday, 27 October 2008

Genius: there's no other word for it - Part XXXIV

This was covered recently by Gary Jules (a very good cover, too), for the movie Donnie Darko. If there can be a beautiful song, about sadness and loneliness (real loneliness), then this is it.

The Gary Jules cover:


Stephany said...

Oh, this is leaving me without words.

Stan said...

Dear Matt:

You always come up with the best music and video's. Now I have to question why I download all that bootleg music and stuff? {laughing}

With an completely innocent glance and look; Your Bloggery Friend,

Radagast said...

stephany: It's a powerful piece of music, isn't it?

stan: LOL! You're asking me? Maybe it's just the thrill of getting away with something illicit?


Fiddy said...

Prefer the Tears For Fears version, they did a great track called 'Woman In Chains' -

With a title like that one would think it was an AC/DC song :)


kim said...

i have always loved this song (esp. the Gary Jules cut)

donnie darko is a beautiful film and this is the perfect song.

i'm tearing up thinking of it.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

wow - thanks matt! when i heard it on donnie darko i could not remember where it came from.

tears for fears - they wrote so much good stuff.