Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Weird coincidence... I just sold a copy of O Brother Where Art Thou? on Ebay, which features Ron Block and Dan Tyminski's rendering of Man of Constant Sorrow. Just now, I happened to be looking for a graphic of a doorway, and look what I found (bearing in mind that I don't follow bluegrass, nor Ron Block's career)!


Stan said...

Dear Matt:

I believe I have gone through that door a few times looking for beer! Sometimes it's all about stupid human tricks, isn't it.

Now I'm waiting on those completed fish tank pictures! A HOY Mate.

Your Bloggery Friend,

susan said...

I love that picture. Where did you find it?

It's a keeper .

Radagast said...

stan: LOL. Most things are about stupid human tricks!

susan: I Googled for images, and it appeared in the first page of results.