Saturday, 23 February 2008

Yellow Cards - Part II

To Phul, copied to Brown, Johnson and Vara:

Oh, and another thing, Mr Phul. How dare you tell me that the "benefits outweigh the risks," and that you are continually monitoring the safety profile of these drugs, when NICE, at least, already acknowledges (or should that be "recommends to doctors"?), that I could go for a run with some mates, or use psychotherapy, and experience the same level of improvement. That is the benefit of Seroxat, isn't it: 10 fucking Hamilton points, which may or may not be sustainable? You and your colleagues in the industry are pushing placebos with side effects, and that's the truth of the matter. I will not be made responsible for the fact that SSRIs are snake oil remedies, manufactured by charlatans, talked up by lackeys (KOLs), and prescribed by the medical equivalent of MacDonalds' counter staff.

The benefits did not outweigh the risks for me, Mr Phul. So kindly do not try to project your reality onto me. Is that clear? If you can be bothered, you will address my experience, and not try to reinforce the MHRA's beliefs (which appear to be skewed by its need to uphold the interests of the Worshipful Company), which run contrary to mine, on this point.

Best regards

Matthew Holford

The NICE reference is to the following document (see section 4.4): CG23 - Depression: Management of depression in primary and secondary care

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