Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Psych Drug Shocker: Antidepressant Drugs Work No Better than Placebo; Big Pharma Hoax Finally Exposed (Westender, Brisbane headline)

Well, the shit has well and truly hit the fan, hasn't it? Fidders has done a lovely little round up of some of the mainstream press coverage, if you hadn't seen it, yet:

Any comment from MHRA or DOH?

However, Seroxat Secrets' treatment of the matter reminded me of my discussion with Richard Goldfinch. I made this comment, which just about sums up my feelings on the way that I have been bullshitted and misled, as I have tried to understand this grotesque and unseemly mess:

Sorry to go over old ground, but do you remember all the fun and games that I had with Dick Goldfinch? He told me that there was no definition of efficacy. He told me that it was not known how much more beneficial than placebo Seroxat was. He told me that it just was, and then he told me to “fuck off” (actually he told me that I was vexatious and that no further correspondence was being entered into with me on the subject of Seroxat, but the effect is much the same).

Well, now, it seems that NICE has a definition of efficacy: 3 Hamilton points more effective than placebo (as such, SSRIs, at 1.8 points, are a big pile of kak). Also, it seems that NICE knew about this 1.8 points.

Am I fucking missing something here? Why does the body that passes drugs for use on the NHS know about this stuff, when the body that licences drugs for use by hoi polloi seems to know absolutely FUCK ALL? I must be missing something, because that looks like one mega-sized cluster fuck, to me.


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