Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Seroxat withdrawal book author wants stories

I saw this piece on Seroxat Sufferers:

Seroxat withdrawal book author wants stories

and exchanged a couple of 'mails with Shelly. The one proviso, if you're interested in contributing, is that you're prepared to put your name to your piece, simply because the story is so much more compelling, when the authors are named.

I need stories (good or bad although I haven't heard a good one yet) of Paxil withdrawal, attempted suicides coming off paxil, deaths of loved ones discontinuing paxil, etc. This book will be about Paxil as an addiction. Gsk must be accountable. I have the resources to get the book out there, I just need the people to come forward. Of course it can be anonymous and they can approve the final edit of their story. In the meantime, I'm looking for any information I can about the history of GSK and figuring a way to write it up without being sued. By having a book of personal stories, the word is out there, people are aware, they are aware that we will not stay quiet, and hopefully we can save some lives.

I know that this blog doesn't get a lot of traffic, but then I post in lots of other places, too.


Additional (Saturday, 19 January)
Shelly has posted on Paxilprogress. Looks like there's plenty of enthusiasm for the project!

request for paxil withdrawal stories

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