Saturday, 5 January 2008

Marketing Outstrips R&D Spending 2-1: Study

I've a funny feeling that I might want to make recourse to this little snippet of information, in the future, so, I'll just pop in a line to introduce this piece, and then link you through to Pharmalot:

Marketing Outstrips R&D Spending 2-1: Study

There are a couple of reasons I find it interesting. First, because the high price of brandname drugs is usually put down to the high R&D costs (running into seven figures a day in the UK, we're told). If this study is anywhere near correct, then someone's telling porkies (again). Second, I was advised that one should be wary of any organization that is marketing driven, because it's generally the case that if those in positions of authority within a firm have their background in marketing, then those responsible for compliance will be leaned on heavily to look the other way...


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