Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Political Compass

This is quite good fun. Aubrey Blumsohn's got a post on this, just now, if you want to know what the rationale is behind it:

Pharmaceutical bloggers - take the political test

I'm afraid that my technophobic tendencies won't allow me to cut and paste the graphic that I generated, but here's the link, anyway:

My results

It seems I'm more to the left and more libertarian than either the Dalai Lama, or Gandhi! I think this may be summed up as "you can do what the fuck you like, until it impacts negatively on me (according to my perception)!"

As Aubrey points out, in his post, there are plenty of questions in the questionnaire that have lots of variables included within them, which one is not able to clarify, before answering. Dependent upon the degree of accuracy to which one works, one may find it unsatisfactory.


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