Sunday, 11 November 2007

Finland gunman suicide note found

Just another tale of a school shooting. The only thing that appears to set it apart from the rest is that it took place in Finland, rather than the US. Apparently the "shooter" supported radical groups, and whatnot, and there's a big gun-owning community in Finland, much as there is in the US. A loner, apparently disaffected, Auvinen proceeded to kill six fellow students and two members of staff:

Finland gunman suicide note found

So, what? Well, AHRP was kind enough to point out what. It seems that the english-speaking press (and not just the Beeb) decided not to discuss all the available angles. It seems that Auvinen was on SSRIs:

Press censorship over SSRI case

Now, we shouldn't be too quick to assume that this is a matter of collusion with the Worshipful Company, although one might suggest that the only other explanation is incompetence on the part of the media, what with the association between aggressive/homicidal behaviour and SSRI useage being well-documented, and even acknowledged by the manufacturers, to a limited degree.

Mind you, what with everything else we know about the Worshipful Company, it's difficult not to let your mind wander in that direction. Perhaps the Fourth Estate will remedy its oversight over the course of the next couple of days...


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