Sunday, 11 November 2007

Albourne Partners Limited

Albourne Partners Limited is my ex-employer. I was fired a couple of years ago, because, according to them I was no longer willing to comply with the Albourne Partners Limited's Rules. I was threatened with legal action, in the event that I spilled the beans about the Albourne Partners' activities, because under my contract of employment (which I maintain that Albourne Partners Limited repudiated, by its conduct), it is claimed that I am not permitted to speak ill of the cunts, even after leaving. So I won't, I'll just tell you what happened. What happened was that I complained.

I complained about the fact that I was given compliance responsibility, but no authority. I complained about the fact that I was stonewalled, whenever I asked for information, which would permit me to do my job. I complained about the fact that my computer systems didn't work, and that nobody appeared to be interested in fixing them. And I complained that Albourne Partners Limited had engaged a client without question, which it is my view should have been referred to NCIS (merged a couple of years back with a bunch of other investigative and intelligence units to form SOCA), and I was told by the MD not to raise similar matters with the Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

It was going to have Coldplay play at one of its corporate jollies, a couple of years back. I wonder if Chris Martin, ethical chap that he is, would approve? The Queen was kind enough to give Albourne Partners Limited her Award for Export Excellence, or somesuch. I wonder if she knows how it conducts itself towards employees, whom it regards as surplus to requirements? Do you think I should tell her? As such, this is my appraisal of its performance:



Simon.B said...

spill the beans, to hell with Albourne Partners!

Radagast said...

No. Frankly, I'd rather leave them as they are: it seems to me that all those who remained quiet, or actively participated in the cover-up, are enjoying their reward, including the cunts. It seems to me that the management will always need somebody to take their inadequacies out on - another "disgruntled employee" to victimize - and I'm enjoying the prospect of the "silent ones" getting their turn, in due course.


Radagast said...

Incidentally, simon.b, if you are Simon Bennett, then, given that you once told me that you felt like you'd "sold your soul to the Devil," after agreeing to provide SysAdmin to Albourne's computer systems, then what, precisely, makes you think that I'd trust you, any further than I could throw you? If you're capable of selling out once, you two-faced fuck, then you're more than capable of doing so, again. Aren't you?

You picked the wrong fucking team, mate.