Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Delphi Centre, GSK and TGA

Bob Fiddaman, over at Seroxat Sufferers, has been a-surfing the web, just recently. It seems that one of those patient groups that the Worshipful Company is so keen on supporting is breaching Australian advertising laws (link to the full story below). The TGA (that's the Aussie version of the FDA/MHRA) doesn't seem to want to talk to us about it, though. I wonder why?

Anyway, having made it aware of our initial concerns, I thought I'd write to it again. This to the TGA and Delphi, copied to Bicknell, Johnson, Vara and the MHRA:

Dear Sirs,

We have contacted you recently on the subject of an apparent breach of Australian (and possibly EU) drug advertising laws:

To date, we have received no response from the TGA. We are concerned at this apparent unwillingness to a) enforce the Law, and b) engage with patients and consumers, as you may imagine.

I have copied Mr Simon Bicknell, GSK's Head of Corporate Governance, here in the UK, and I have no doubt that, as a lawyer, he will be keen to ensure that GSK is not in transgression of the relevant laws. Similarly, should he decide that it is, he will no doubt instruct the Delphi Centre to pull the offending Aropax logo from Delphi's sponsors' page. Or you could it yourself.

Best regards

Matthew Holford

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