Wednesday 28 April 2010

Three Beautiful Things

Inspired by one of the blogs in my list for the Inspirational Blogger, I thought I'd see what sprang to mind, based on what happened today...

1. There's a carpet of dandelions on the village green; eye-burning yellow.
2. My children's smiles.
3. The goldfinches that are nesting in one of the neighbouring gardens, but come to a feeder in ours.


soulful sepulcher said...

That is a very nice list, Matt.

Clare said...

Thank you for 3BTing, Matt, and for the Inspirational Blogger award. I'll have a think and see who I can pass it on to. I love your list.

Radagast said...

Stephany: Thanks - I'm was pleased with the dandelions, particularly as they're peppering somebody else's grass!

Clare: Many thanks, and don't mention it - 3BT's a lovely idea.