Monday, 29 November 2010

Would you buy a used car from one of these guys?..

This is too funny:

America's offensive diplomacy

...there's no cause for alarm, the world's in the hands of people with the emotional and intellectual sophistication of an underfed rat. I wonder if any of them has ever had a conversation with anybody that's lasted more than three exchanges, because they all appear to deal in soundbites. And if hyperbole were a commodity, then the US would be even wealthier than it is, now.

If it were me, I wouldn't bother cutting the head off any snake, rotten, or otherwise: I'd stuff its tail in its jaws and allow it to eat itself.

God, that's quite tiring... how do they keep that shit up?


susan said...

Used car salesmen scare me.

Politicians , feh!

Merry Christmas Matt and a most happy New Year. I've missed you on the blogosphere.

Radagast said...

susan: Thanks, same to you. I've been threatening to wind this blog down for a while, now, and I can't find much on a regular basis to write about. I've lost interest in the pharma thing: it's a fraud that nobody wishes to tackle... [shrug] It's not my problem, now: I've done as much damage to Big Pharma as it did to me, and that's where I'll leave it. And so will they, if they've any sense.


Radagast said...

Simian: No surprises there, then: why deal with something oneself, when one can run and tell tales?

Radagast said...

Tackhole: I almost wish I cared, but not quite. But do me a favour, and stop projecting yourself. Actually, don't do me a favour, but stop projecting yourself, anyway - that's an order, fuckwit.

Herrad said...

Hi Matt,
Good succinct post.

Radagast said...

Wailman: Nice try. No cigars.