Friday, 27 August 2010

WikiLeaks builds a legal shield in Sweden

Now, I find this even more fascinating than Mr Tampy's magnificent business offer!..

WikiLeaks builds a legal shield in Sweden

So, Wikileaks has identified that it is perceived as a threat to something or other. "Intelligence" services have declared that Wikileaks is a threat to somebody-or-other's "national interests," whatever they might be. So Wikileaks seeks to build a legal wall around itself, just in case the powers that be attempt to attack it through "legitimate" means - this involves establishing itself in a country with strong legal protections.

Now, the Pentagon (for example), has unlimited resources - both in terms of legal expertise and cash. Wikileaks hasn't. Ergo, the Pentagon could embroil Wikileaks in a protracted legal battle, involving any number of allegations, not for the purpose of securing a legal decision, or precedent (although that would be a subsidiary benefit, if achieved, because it would discourage others from following Wikileaks' example), but for the purpose of breaking Wikileaks financially, long before the decision was ever reached. This is called "bargaining in the shadow of the Law".

Alternatively, the Pentagon could approach Wikileaks' service providers, on the quiet, and "arrange" for the services to be withdrawn. This assumes that the Pentagon believes that the Law is an inconvenient myth, of course.

Mind you, what the Pentagon perhaps hasn't considered is that Wikileaks is the least of its problems. After all, the Pentagon doesn't actually exist (from where I'm positioned, anyway), and if it doesn't exist, then it will be able to do nothing, and nobody will be able to take its interests into account, when making their decisions.

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