Sunday, 20 June 2010

Do you know what I like most about Father's Day?


I've just troffed my way through 6 ozs of chocolate brazils. Anonymous trolls should in no way feel obliged to become nauseus, at this news. Especially if they have nut allergies.


Radagast said...

Anonymous: Google "MK-ULTRA". And then realize that the CIA are/were fucking amateurs.

Radagast said...

Anonymous: Now, the only reason that I haven't implanted a suggestion for you to kill yourself is very simple: unlike you, I'm not a cunt. Now, fuck off, or I may change my mind.

susan said...

I am glad you had a good Father's Day. And chocolate is a wonderful thing. Cadbury's?

Stephany said...

heh heh, Matt.

I love chocolate too, Happy Father's Day! Chocolate covered macadamia nuts, dried cherries, chocolate in my coffee, dark chocolate, any time, any place chocolate.

Radagast said...

Susan: Well, I got some Bournville (classic and rum and raisin), but the brazils were a store own brand, I think (I couldn't find the packaging - I probably ate that, absent-mindedly!).

Stephany: Yes, there must be a reason that it's verboten to give it to racehorses - it must have some kind of powerful stimulant effect.

Radagast said...

Anonymous: One last thing: if you ever project yourself onto me, again, I will fucking end you, without further question. Do yourself a favour and get over your need to lock people into realities that suit your desperate need to do punishment - all you're doing is telling me how your mind is constructed.

You need a different objective; one that you have control over. I suggest understanding that what happened to you is unimportant, because you've moved on, and it no longer impacts you.

Sairs said...

hey matt, I know this is a bit late to reply (have got the flu but hey) I believe if you contact blogspot admin they can get the IP address of the anon. person and do something about it. One of them was bothering a friend of mine and they were able to help. Don't know if this helps you though.

Glad you had a good fathers day, in australia, of course we have to be different (sarcasm in a good way) and fathers day isn't until september!

Chocolate is awesome and my eating disorder never took that away from me :-)


Radagast said...

Sairs: Thanks for the tip... I'm pretty relaxed about it, to be honest - much like Ed did, they say some mean stuff, but trolls can't actually make one do anything, you know? Besides which, I can say some pretty mean stuff, too!

I dunno, as I've said before to Ana/Susan/Stephany, on the subject: I don't like to just ignore them, because they might just move on to somebody else who's less able to cope. Being possessed of massive self-confidence, as I am, I'll just have a crack at diverting their train of thought to something more productive!


PS One the subject of chocolate, I've only got a box of Belgian chocs and 10 segments of chocolate orange left!

Radagast said...

Bugger! Somebody's had my chocolate orange!

Stephany said...

hahaha who got to the chocolate orange? is that the one you smack and the chocolate slices fall apart? i always put those in my kid's stockings at Christmas.

And yes, Matt is great at dealing with these types of people, comes in quite handy too, unknowing to the troll types, he can take them on. actually i've learned how to ignore nasty comments by learning how he does that, same as Stan on his blog has recently had one he has dealt with the same way.

Anyway, chocolate rules!

Radagast said...

Stephany: I didn't ask, but I suspect your namesake!

Anyway, I've had no more anonymous comments. It's a measure of how superficial their realities are: they can't maintain their approach; one retort and they're completely thrown. I mean, if I wanted to flame somebody anonymously, I'd make sure that I was able to justify it!

Stephany said...

hah! oh well, glad you didn't bust her for taking the chocolate, bless her heart, she probably gave the gift she likes, you know?