Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Walke to the Villaidge Shoppe

I had a couple of things to post, this morning. A piece of paperwork to go to DVLA, in Swansea, which managed to get my address wrong (it's probably an offence to fail to notify of same), and a package to Wolverhampton Uni.

The village shop closed for a while. The previous owners decided to throw in the towel when the Post Office decided that the shop's "sub-Post Office" status was to be withdrawn, and the branch would close, which would mean a significant fall in revenue for the owners. However, presumably on the basis that the Post Office counter could be reopened, but with "Outreach" status (I think that's the right term), the premises was sold and the new owners began operating postal services, just before Christmas, last year. However, under Outreach, the Post Office does not appoint a sub-Post Master, and there is no accompanying salary to offset additional labour costs.

Anyway, I strolled across the village green, or what's left of it. The estate on which I live is about ten years old, now, and was partially built on the green. There's still a fair bit left, though - perhaps two football pitches' worth - and I can see most of it from my study window. I walked past a little stand of dogwoods, which have been allowed to run to seed. A couple of months ago, I pruned the two that are immediately visible from the study - one bud from the ground - and with a bit of luck, next winter, I'll be able to enjoy them as they should appear: straight, bright red stems. Dependent upon how my efforts turn out, I might do the rest, next February.

I made my way onto the main street through the village, and noticed that the daffodils that line the frontage of the alms house have all gone over. There's no sign yet of any grape hyacinths, although the ornamental cherries are all in full bloom, now, which is pretty impressive.

I tossed the DVLA thing in the postbox outside and went into the shop. A woman was just finishing at the Post Office counter. I plonked my package on the scales. "First Class, Recorded, please," I said.

What a fabulously exciting life I lead!


Stephany said...

Well, I think this is one of the best posts you've ever written.

The description of the flowers and tree pruning are right on target, of course being a flower flora and nature freak that I am, I know all of the plants you write about, the best part is you've taken on the care of the plants.

It's like Mark PS always cleaning up other people's litter on his nature walks.

The Universe is a very big place, and standing in my backyard the other day, I felt my place within it, under the shadow of 100 ft fir trees, I felt ---perspective.

Ana said...

Strolling at my city I also count the daffodils that are gone...