Sunday, 2 May 2010

Passionate Blogger II

Ana gave me this and, as mentioned previously, I've been a bit tardy about paying it on...

Anyway, here are my five awardees:

1. Sairs, at This Lunatic Express
2. Jessie, at Synecdoche
3. Petal, at Don't Let Her Eat Cake
4. Nicole, at Among the Garbage and the Flowers; and
5. maryhadalittlelamb, at Dancing Through the Void

Congratulations to all.

The usual rules apply:
1. Stick the above graphic on your sidebar;
2. write a post celebrating the occasion, which should acknowledge the giver;
3. pick at least five blogs you think deserve a gong and include them in the post referred to in 2., above;
4. tell your awardees that you've given them the award.


Ana said...


Radagast said...

Jessie wrote:
"Hey thanks so much for this! Sorry I didn't get over here to check it out before--been having some bad days so this definitely makes me feel better :)"

[Jessie, I had to cut and paste your message - I seem to be having problems with comment moderation! Matt.]

Radagast said...

Jessie: You're welcome, by the way!