Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Karate Island #2

Ouch! We did some sparring, today... I did, anyway - Lovely worked on some techniques and skills.

Sensei said that he was well-impressed with my movement, and my jab. However, we were doing some tag bouts, and I came up against a Brown Belt, and I just couldn't work his pattern out. Or rather, I worked his pattern out, but didn't have anything to counter him with. I took several kicks to the ribs, and if I can breathe properly tomorrow, then I shall be pleased!



Stephany said...

I think i'll stick to my walks LOL

Sairs said...

OH I miss taekwondo when I hear you talk about karate. I did try karate once but it was after I had trained for two years in taekwondo, so I got all the movements around the wrong way. The kicks are different in taekwondo as are the hand techniques. The coolest thing though was at the work I was working at the time, they had enormous roll of bubble wrap and the boys there would laugh at me while I practiced whenever I went past it. It was seriously 2 metres tall. They laughed however until I showed them some self-defence and hurt a few of them, lol! I am small too and they were these huge guys, it was hilarious. I'm glad you are enjoying the Karate and I hope it doesn't hurt for too muc longer!

Radagast said...

Stephany: Well, I'm not afraid to take a punch, which is probably to my disadvantage!

Sairs: I'm hoping that my desire to get fit is going to carry me through. I'm less concerned about the technical side of things, although one of my heroes is Jet Li, so I'm using him as a yardstick for my performance... A long way to go, obviously!

sarahlynn said...

I've done karate for a while now [though am currently on hiatus] - and I LOVE it. I'm pleased to find another person getting into it [again?] who likes it too. And - hey - MOST of the time, feeling those bruises in the morning reminds you of how hard you worked and you feel GOOD. :-D

Radagast said...

sarahlynn: There's an episode of Mr Bean, where he changes into his swimming trunks on the beach by putting them on over his trousers, and then removing his trousers and y-fronts! That must have been more or less what it looked like watching me trying to get out of bed, this morning, without moving my upper body!

Anyway, I imagine you're right - I'll probably be looking back at it fondly in a week's time, when I can take a can down from the top shelf, again, without wincing!