Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spanking children can lead to aggressive behavior: study

Speaking as somebody who had the shite beaten out of him routinely as a child, provided his mother was in a bad enough mood and could fix on something that could be deemed punishable (breathing, being born, not being a supernatural being who could cure her of her insanity, and so on), I found this quite funny.

Spanking children can lead to aggressive behavior: study

I'm wasting my time, aren't I? You fucking monkeys know nothing. What's worse: for a whole series of reasons, you daren't admit it.

Anyway, scan to the last para of the piece linked above. Do you note anything about the non-violent alternatives that are suggested? Yep, that's right: they're all punishments. The human mind in microcosm... Small wonder that, when you see a dispute, your immediate reaction is to take a side (usually the one you perceive to be strongest), and exact some retribution. You've never learnt to do anything else, have you? And you never think to question the methodology you've been shown, even when it clearly doesn't work.

Oh, one final word: passive aggression (including ostracization), whereby one withholds stuff, and otherwise communicates in tiny increments that a person has done something that is considered "wrong" without ever explaining it (even to oneself), is as traumatic psychologically as any beating. Don't kid yourselves: you're supposed to be reliable in a world that is complex in its insanity. Leaving a child guessing as to when you may be calm and helpful and when you may turn into a raving, violent freak is going to cause problems. You know why you're afraid (sorry, angry), but it will not be evident to them.

My world has been defined negatively, for me. That is, I have had to assess, by trial and error, what it is I am permitted to do by looking at what's left over, when I've been punished for the stuff that I may not do. That's why I read Law - I'm going to do anything and everything not expressly forbidden by Law, and the rest of you can go and fuck yourselves.

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