Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Inspirational Blogger Award II

Stephany gave this to me, erm... some time ago...

I thought it was about time I paid some of my awards on, so I'll have a go at that, over the next couple of weeks. These are my five nominees for Inspirational Blogger, which is the longest overdue, in terms of paying on:

1. Jazz, at Jazz in Pieces
2. Aqua, at Vicarious Therapy
3. Clare, at Three Beautiful Things
4. Bigassbelle, at Big Ass Belle
5. Rodger Dodger, at Rodger Dodger

I wish I could tell you why I picked these... They just struck a chord, I guess - I'll let you know which one, if I ever work it out!

Anyway, congratulations. I think the usual rules apply...

1. Stick the above graphic on your sidebar;
2. write a post celebrating the occasion;
3. pick at least five blogs you think deserve a gong and include them in the post referred to in 2., above;
4. tell your awardees that you've given them the award; and
5. er, that's it, I think.

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